Mosquito bites, as well as the accidental contact with jellyfish and - or other natural irritant substances (both animal and vegetable),are noxious stimuli eliciting skin irritation and inflammation and the causing itching, burning, pain and swelling.

The immune system, and in particular the Mast Cell (innate immune cell), plays an essential role in protecting the skin; this protection is naturally facilitated by the allergic/inflammatory reaction triggered by the Mast Cell (through the excessive release of Histamine, Pro-Inflammatory Substances and Growth Factors) that, in the early stages of accidental contact with the irritant substance, represents a key event for the damage resolution.

The allergic/inflammatory process, however fundamental to restoring skin health, is associated with more or less severe annoying symptoms such as itching, burning, pain and swelling.

Nature wanted these phenomena to be maintained within acceptable limits and tolerable by the endogenous production of Palmitoylethanolamide (ALIAmide), which is rapidly released by the Mast Cell to cope with allergic/inflammatory situations. The natural process of mast cell regulation and immediate control of allergic/inflammatory processes is nowadays known as the ALIA mechanism (Autocoid Local Injury Antagonism) (Aloe and Montalcini 1996).

Switching off quickly and naturally Itching, Burning and Pain after accidental contact with irritating substances is possible.

entonil cream is has been conceived to optimize the physiological Mast Cell function by promoting our body natural mechanisms controlling allergic/inflammatory reactions (ALIA mechanism).

The innovative formulation consists of high quality substances including:

Adelmidrol, the only absorbable ALIAmide thus active on the skin tissue. Adelmidrol has been shown able to increase the endogenous Palmitoylethanolamide levels, the natural Skin Mast Cell modulator, ensuring a fast anti-irritant and anti-pruritogenic effect;

Clove essential oil, known for its soothing and repulsive action;

Bromelain, especially found in pineapple stems, thanks to its fibrinolytic action facilitates the elimination of irritant substances.

The synergy of these ingredients allows a rapid and effective action against Itching, Burning, Pain, Swelling, and ensures the total lack of side effects.

entonil cream is indicated for the treatment of irritative/inflammatory conditions, especially in subjects:

with sensitive skin (Children and Elderly);

sensitized to topical therapy with cortisone;

suffering from immune deficiency.